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We can work with you in a variety of different ways. Our goal is to make your marketing function successful. Here are some ways in which we are currently engaging with clients.

Mid to large sized company with a good sized internal marketing staff

You may be looking to augment just a certain portion of your work, say Social Media Marketing programs, or driving your customer reference program. We can engage with you on this front, and fit into the rest of your marketing – as a true extension to your internal marketing team.

Enterprise marketing for start up budgets

You have a small internal marketing team, yet you need to rev up your marketing and open with a wide array of marketing campaigns and programs to capitalize on the enthusiastic response for your product. You are looking for help for major portions of your marketing effort because your internal team needs to focus on product positioning, customer acceptance and feedback, product roadmap, strategy – all the critical stuff.

Successful small to medium business

Your great product has successfully gathered several ardent users and supporters and built up a respectable customer base primarily with word-of-mouth marketing. You want to now take business to the next level – dramatically broadening your reach using modern, sophisticated marketing techniques.

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