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Our company is founded on simple principle: If you combine comprehensive marketing capability with a deep understanding of a particular domain – a market, its technology and the key players, you can provide superior marketing services.

At Accel2Market we do just that.

We combine our understanding of products, services and markets in specific domains (today our domains inlcude storage, virtualization, cloud computing, networking, embedded, and SaaS, Systems) and we couple that with our delivery prowess in various marketing areas – Email marketing, SEO, SEM, case study development, customer research, lead generation, list building, custom CRM integration, custom marketing application development, custom report development. It is not rocket science, but when you put these two together – the synergy does act like rocket fuel and provides significant acceleration to your own efforts!

As a product or services company, looking to augment your current marketing and sales efforts, we can become as a true extension to your own internal marketing teams. You can depend on us to quickly grasp your needs and understand your customers, and provide higher quality output.

For example, if you want us to interview your customer for research purposes or to write a success story we can efficiently extract the right information from your customer because we understand what they are saying and can relate to it. Or if you want us to call up your key prospects before a trade show and invite them to your booth, and contact them after the show to get their feedback – we can do a great job of that.

This isn’t rocket science. When you hire marketing people in your company you look for the combination of product/market knowledge and marketing skills. Why should you do something different when you hire a marketing services company?

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