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Social Media Monitoring

Social media is changing the way people communicate about brands and changing the way companies need to respond to these communications. It’s becoming ever-more important to you get real-time insights into the currents of communication on social media. Accel2Market enables you to monitor and analyze conversations across millions of blog, forum, news, video and social networking sites. The monitoring and analysis are made possible with the help of Brand Monitor, a 24x7 online monitoring platform that will help your business identify any conversation about your business, products or competitors in the online space.

Key integrated capabilities include:

  • Dynamic tracking and response to conversations in real-time
  • Easy to use interface to manage streams of blog, twitter, forum and social media content
  • Powerful brand, sentiment and share of voice analytics

Brand Monitor™ Features:

  • Real time Updates – Posts are indexed in real-time, ensuring you get all relevant posts/discussions on your brand. Timely results mean you can respond, correct or clarify quickly, avoiding a crisis.
  • Comprehensive Data – All relevant blogs, forums and social networking sites are tracked, analyzed and checked for site-value. Content appearing on these sites is added into the system.
  • Track Competitors – Using keywords related to your brand, you can track your competitors.
  • Track Brand Buzz – Using keywords related to your competitors gives you tremendous visibility into what’s happening with your competitors’ brands.
  • Monitor Sentiment - You have the ability to filter post content by media type, sentiment, groups or date.
  • Data Visualization - The buzz about your brand is tracked and delivered to you in real-time through a graph that lets you compare the numbers of positive and negative conversations over the past 30 days.
  • Custom Dashboard – A customizable dashboard enables you to view the data in a way that works best for you.
  • Get Email Alerts – Insight summaries are available in your inbox through e-mail alerts, keeping you constantly aware of the general perception about your brand.
  • Create / Assign Groups – You can pre-define users and groups to make the data more meaningful to specific entities.

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